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September 11, 2007

One click adding documents to GuruLib

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If you are reading a PDF, DOC, PS, PPT or an XLS document in your Firefox browser and want to instantly add it to your catalog add this javascript code

javascript: var array = document.URL.match(/amazon\.(.*?)\/.*?\/.*?\/(.{10})/); var str ='_add_item.php?'; if (array == null) { str += 'url_path=' + escape(document.URL); } else { str += 'asin='+ array[2] + '&ext=' + array[1]; } str=escape(str); str = '' + str; var x =, '_blank'); x.focus();

as a bookmark in your browser toolbar. The code works for firefox but unfortunately PDF documents gives error in IE. The code also helps you add add books, movies, music, games and software from amazon servers. If you are browsing amazon server and would like to add a title to your catalog, click on the bookmark that you created earlier.To create a bookmark in firefox:
1. Right click on the browser toolbar to make sure that “Bookmark Toolbar” is checked
2. Right click on the bookmark toolbar and click on the “New Bookmark…” menu
3. In the Name section type in “Add to GuruLib” (without the double quotes)
4. In the Location copy the javascript code aboveNew bookmark
5. Press the OK buttonThe bookmark on your firefox should look like the one belowAdd to GuruLib bookmark

Let us know if you had any problem using the bookmark.


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