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August 21, 2007

Guru’s Recommendations (a.k.a pick of the day)

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Finally after a lot of work we have a recommendation feature working. With a very original name “Recommendation” shelf 🙂 Guru predicts his disciples interest in books, movies, music, games and software. To get Guru’s attention, you need to rate your titles. If you give a title 5 star rating, Guru will pick titles similar to that. If you give a lower rating, Guru will only pick very few titles similar to that. If you do not want a book, movie etc. to be considered for recommendation do not rate them in your catalog.

Guru not only predicts your interest but also  predicts how much you like them. Guru gives rating to titles in the recommendation shelf. A higher rating mean you are more likely to like that title. If you sort them based on “rating” for the recommendation shelf, you could see titles Guru has picked with higher rating. The technology is in its infancy and might need lots of correction. Please let us know how Guru’s recommendations are working for you. Guru updates his recommendations every night at 2:00 AM CST.



  1. Hi !
    I saw how you worked last days, adding a recommandation feature and a community page !
    What I like is the discret integration of those services, without overloading the interface. We don’t have a gasworks feeling (french expression, but I think anybody can understand).

    I just would like to complain about a specification that can’t surely be you priority, but often matter to me : the support for accentued (not sure of the term : with accents, like Ă©, è, Ă , ĂŞ, Ă«…) caracters. I know how it can be difficult to make such a change, after coding the bases, so…

    Keep it in your mind for an early future ! 🙂

    Comment by mael — August 25, 2007 @ 12:33 pm | Reply

  2. Mael,
    I was about to write a blog about the community feature. Thank you for providing the feedback. I need input from other GuruLibians to perfect the new features. The accentued problem is one of my high priority items. I am looking into the issue but unfortunately could not trace the cause. Hang on, it won’t be very far before I nail that problem.

    Comment by gurulib — August 25, 2007 @ 2:22 pm | Reply

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