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July 26, 2007

Find Local public libraries

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Lately, I have been using the GuruLib’s find local library a lot. Two books that are on my wish list which I really wanted are now listed in public libraries around Rolla. One at the Rolla public library and the other at Missouri State Library in Jefferson city.

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I am not sure if anyone else is using this feature in GuruLib. If you would like to try it out, click on a book or movie listed in your GuruLib library. On the left hand side of the page that opens up, you will find a list of public libraries that carry that book or movie. This should help you read or watch a book or movie before deciding to buy it and store in your collection. If you decided to buy that book or movie, you can support GuruLib by buying that book or movie from the link that points to in the information page. We have a small piggy bank that gets filled with your contributions which goes to buying additional memory or hard disc.


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